My Work

My Work

ABT Audi RS3 Short Film

A short narrative film promoting the ABT Audi RS3 using a combination of visual and audio elements.

Neilson Boxing Video

A short promotional video showcasing a local boxing athlete for Neilson Boxing.

Generation Z Short Documentary

A short look into the lives and views of people from Generation Z. Made for Truth Consulting.

Serenity Short Film

An award winning short film made for the 2016 My RODE Reel International Film Competition.

Brarista Interviews

A short series of video interviews giving Braista a personal touch to their brand.

Mercedes AMG C63 Modification Promo

A promotional video for Philip Ireland Performance Cars showcasing an AMG C63.

NIRIS Music 'The Journey'

A contempory music video shot for a segment of Niris Music's visual experience.

Harry Potter Guitar Cover

A music video for Niris Music's cover of the Harry Potter theme tune.

Greyhound Christmas Promotion

A promotional video showcasing the Greyhound pub at Christmas time.

Greyhound Summer Fayre 2017

An event video showcasing the activities and vibe of the fayre held by the Greyhound pub.

Porsche Targa GTS

A beauty video showcasing the Targa GTS with rolling shots and aerial cinematography.

Pavestone Porcelain Promotion

A short promotional video showcasing new products for sale at Pavestone.

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